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Rebound Rooms

As well as installing Rebound Therapy trampolines in playgrounds and school halls Sunken Trampolines are pleased to offer a complete design and build service of dedicated Rebound Rooms.

Working closely with Rebound and the very individual needs of the school in ensuring a consistency of approach in our work we now enable schools, and residential care units to benefit from a dedicated Rebound Room.

A dedicated Rebound Room with a Sunken Rebound Therapy trampoline enables the school to access this great resource without the need for lifting lids, opening and closing trampolines, laying padding out and all the preparation that normally comes with trampoline use. With bespoke padding to suit the needs of the users Sunken Trampolines can offer a total solution that is bespoke to each client.

From initial consultation to official opening, Sunken Trampolines are able to offer both advisory and full installation services depending on the needs of the school and or council.

Whether it be a consultancy service or a full design and build Sunken Trampolines are happy to tailor our approach to suit.

For more information on how Rebound Therapy can benefit your establishment visit

“As an SEN school we incorporate Rebound Therapy into our curriculum as a tool to enhance children’s learning from a physical viewpoint, but also in terms of their communication skills.  The children are hugely motivated to spend time on the trampoline, and the fact the trampoline is sunken means that all children can safely access without the associated risks of a standard setup.”

Stephen Kilgour, Cherry Garden School, Bermondsey.